Start of School Information


  1. What time does school start and end?

School begins at 8:30am at both the middle and high school. Middle school classes end at 3pm and high school classes end at 3:40 pm.

  1. Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

At 251 Bayside Rd., Arcata for the middle school and at 1761 11th St, Arcata for the high school.

  1. What happens the first day of school?

On the first day of school students will receive their schedules, receive start of the year information, and spend time welcoming new and returning students. Regular classes will begin after lunch.

  1. What does my child need to bring for the first day of school?

Pen, pencil, notebook, paper, a planner, and a lunch or $5 cash to purchase a lunch. A list of supplies for the different classes will be provided in the first week.

  1. Is PE required?

Yes, freshman and sophomore students should wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for PE.

  1. What sports does NPA offer?

NPA offers boys’ and girls’ tennis, boys’ and girls’ cross-country, boys’ and girls’ track and field, and boys’ and girls’ basketball. NPA is a member of the H-DN League, competes against other local high schools, and participates in NCS post-season events.

  1. Who goes to All-School Meetings?

It is important for students and parents to attend All-School Meetings. These meetings are an opportunity to hear student presentations, meet other parents, and learn about scheduled events. Meetings will take place bi-monthly, usually on a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday during the first week of the month and are held at the high school campus from 7 – 8 pm. There will be time for tea and coffee after the meeting so people can visit.

  1. Is NPA an open campus?

No, students are expected to remain on campus during the entire school day except for planned events. Senior students may fill out an off-campus permission form for specific scheduling needs with parent and school permission.