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Poetry Club

The objective of the poetry club is to expose members to multiple kinds of writing techniques, specifically within poetry, as well as to experience how other people write poetry and to appreciate how a single prompt can result in a wide array of responses. The club meets every Wednesday at lunch. Everyone reads aloud what they have written since the last meeting in response to the chosen prompt. The club serves to celebrate writing, encourage students to cultivate their writing skills, and be comfortable with sharing their work.

Hiking Club

The NPA Hiking Club is an opportunity to have a respite from academics while exploring beautiful trails in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. We gather each weekend for a new destination. Not only do we connect with nature, but through our common interests and discussions, we also connect with each other.

Chess Club

The NPA chess club honors the noble game of chess while developing strategic thinking skills in its members. Chess club meets twice each week during electives.

Knitting Club

The knitting club focuses on enjoying knitting together while producing high quality knitted accessories to be sold to support non-profit organizations and initiatives, such as The Kawasaki Disease Foundation and the Roshni Teen Project.

Tea Club

Tea Club meets every Thursday during lunch time. It is a place to drink tea, socialize, and have great conversation with friends. Members bring goodies to share with the rest of the group every few weeks to satisfy our sweet tooth and to accompany the delicious tea and discussion.

Climate Change Group

The Climate Change Group is dedicated to studying and raising awareness about vital issues concerning climate change locally, regionally, and globally. Activities include presentations, media projects, participation in conferences, and study trips to affected areas.