Why Choose NPA

At Northcoast Preparatory Academy, we create a respectful and inspiring learning environment in which academic achievement and responsible citizenship are valued equally.

Critical Thinking   |   International Programs   |   The Arts

  • Great teachers who foster critical thinking
  • Small class size
  • International travel and exchanges
  • Collaborative scientific investigations
  • Students empowered with a sense of ownership over their education
  • Best job at preparing for college*

But we’ll let the students speak for themselves.

Students speak out about why they choose NPA


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Contact: Jean Bazemore npacademy@northcoastprep.org  707.825.1186

* Best job at preparing for college:

  • NPA ranked as the 30th top public high school in the United States by Newsweek Magazine in 2009, as the 23rd top public high school in the United States in 2010, and as the 12th top public high school in 2011.
  • In 2018, NPA was ranked as the 28th most Challenging high school in the entire United States by The Washington Post.
  • 96% of students pass at least one college-level exam during their high school career.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/local/high-school-challenge-2017/


The Mission of the Northcoast Preparatory Academy is:

  • to provide a rigorous liberal arts curriculum
  • to develop breadth of mind and strong analytical and evaluative skills
  • to initiate a journey toward lifelong learning, creativity, and social awareness
  • to instill an understanding of core elements of our western heritage
  • to offer opportunities for individual exploration and inquiry in the arts and sciences
  • to support the pursuit of excellence in the performing arts
  • to foster and promote international understanding and exchange
  • to instill respectful values and a sense of civic duty
  • to foster and uphold the highest standards in regard to personal integrity and conduct
  • to promote a desire for excellence in one’s chosen pursuits
  • to encourage responsibility for choices made
  • to create an atmosphere conducive to emotional, intellectual, and creative discovery
  • to provide opportunities for community involvement and leadership
  • to create a caring, responsible, and sustainable community