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NPA athletics focuses on achieving excellence in a select number of sports. These currently include boys’ and girls’ tennis, boys’ and girls’ cross country and track, and boys’ and girls’ basketball. The tennis, cross country, and track programs are part of the Humboldt-Del Norte League at the high school level. Basketball is currently through the Coast League, but will transition to the HDN over the next several years.

NPA tennis teams regularly travel to regional tournaments and specialized clinics as well as to compete with teams regionally in the NCS Northern Section. The cross-country team travels annually to compete in the NCS Championships in the Bay Area.

Many NPA students participate in crew with the Humboldt Bay Rowing Association. Individual students also participate in the Humboldt Swim Club.

NPA athletes have gone on to have successful NCAA college careers in tennis, rowing, and swimming.

Recent Achievements by NPA Athletes

  • Girl’s Tennis HDN Singles Finalist 2011
  • Girls’ Tennis HDN Team Champions 2012
  • Girls’ Tennis HDN Doubles Champions 2013
  • Boys’ Tennis HDN Singles Champion 2014
  • Boys’ Tennis HDN Team Champions 2015
  • Boy’s Tennis HDN Team Champions 2016
  • Boy’s Tennis HDN Singles Champion 2016
  • Boy’s Tennis HDN Singles Champion 2017
  • Middle School Girls’ Cross-Country Team Champions 2015
  • Middle School Girls’ Cross-Country Team Runners-Up 2017