The Sciences at NPA

The standard course sequence at NPA offers students opportunities for strong foundational preparation in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental systems. Approximately 65% of NPA graduates pursue science-related careers, including careers in microbiology, environmental science, medicine, physics, engineering, and computer science.

The typical course sequence for science-focused students is as follows:

6th Grade

  • Integrated Math 1-2
  • Integrated Science
  • Science Project/ Science Fair
  • Math Club

7th Grade

  • Integrated Math 2-3
  • Integrated Science
  • Science Project/ Science Fair
  • Math Club

8th Grade

  • Integrated Math 3-4
  • Integrated Science
  • Science Project/ Science Fair
  • Math Club

9th Grade

  • Integrated Algebra II
  • Life Science with Chemistry
  • Natural History of the Humboldt Area

10th Grade

  • Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus (with added topic areas)
  • AP Chemistry

11th and 12th Grade

  • IB Mathematics Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL)
  • IB Biology SL/HL
  • IB Physics SL/HL

Students have the opportunity to study computer science and robotics as elective classes. Students also participate in NPA’s Janes Creek Restoration Project in cooperation with the City of Arcata. The project involves periodic removal of invasive species and collecting and analyzing data to understand changes in the creek ecosystem.

All science classes make use of NPA’s new laboratory classroom. Additionally NPA has a fully equipped mini-lab for independent investigations and supervised study at the upper grade levels. NPA also has access to the laboratory facilities at College of the Redwoods on an as-needed basis.