NPA Mission Statement



The Mission of the Northcoast Preparatory Academy is:

  • to provide a rigorous liberal arts curriculum
  • to develop breadth of mind and strong analytical and evaluative skills
  • to initiate a journey toward lifelong learning, creativity, and social awareness
  • to instill an understanding of core elements of our western heritage
  • to offer opportunities for individual exploration and inquiry in the arts and sciences
  • to support the pursuit of excellence in the performing arts
  • to foster and promote international understanding and exchange
  • to instill respectful values and a sense of civic duty
  • to foster and uphold the highest standards in regard to personal integrity and conduct
  • to promote a desire for excellence in one’s chosen pursuits
  • to encourage responsibility for choices made
  • to create an atmosphere conducive to emotional, intellectual, and creative discovery
  • to provide opportunities for community involvement and leadership
  • to create a caring, responsible, and sustainable community